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360° 3D Video360° 3D Video
360° / Streaming360° / Streaming
Ambisonic AudioAmbisonic Audio

Purple Pill VR Open Source Camera V3

360° 3D


While 360° panoramic videos have existed for a while now, Purple Pill takes this technology to the next level by using a 3D stereoscopic camera setup to add depth, effectively tricking your mind into believing you are actually present inside the video. Film has never felt more real!


  • 16 cams @ 1440p
  • Up to 120 frames per second
  • True stereoscopic 3D
  • 360° x 270° panoramic image
  • 4k Ultra HD output resolution
  • Powered through mains/car battery
  • Wired camera remote
  • Active + passive cooling
  • Single cable file export
  • Custom file management software

360 2D Camera Model Purple Pill VR

360° / Streaming


Besides a stereoscopic 3D camera, we also developed a 360° camera rig which can be mounted under a drone for beautiful panoramic shots from the sky, as well as for streaming purposes thanks to it’s smart cable management. It’s essentially the same tech, but in a smaller package.


  • 7 cams @ 1440p
  • Up to 120 frames per second
  • 360° x 270° panoramic image
  • Custom stabilization tech
  • Heat dissipation tech
  • Smart cable management
  • Single cable file export
  • Custom file management software

Ambisonic audio microphone VR



In VR, sound is 50% of the experience. Our ambisonic microphone allows us to capture a “sound field” instead of a plain stereo track, which creates a hyper-realistic spatial sound experience where the viewer is able to hear where sounds are coming from.


  • Ambisonic recodings
  • Dynamic binaural decoding
  • Spatial audio mixing
  • Custom music production
  • Professional mastering

Stitching &

To process the 16 hi-res video streams coming from our VR camera and to turn them into one consistent experience, requires powerful “stitching” software and an even more powerful computer.

We then edit and produce the video using our unique post-production workflow and prepare the content for distribution on the various VR platforms.

Producing cinematic VR content



We have developed custom, brandable applications for all of the VR headsets currently available, including the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. Head tracking allows the user to look around at different parts of the video while the spatial audio cues make sure you know where to look and hear sounds like you would in real life.
Virtual Reality Headsets

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